Monday, February 23, 2009

The Joerb

So any many/all of you know I got a job last summer working in Indianapolis making autonomous robots. I love my job. I really like where I work but being in a start-up company is risky. With the economy the way it is, we had to scale back part of the operation. About a third of the staff was laid-off and the remaining people took a twenty percent wage decrease.

I'm still with the company, and I have a lot of faith in the company and our product. It is sad to see those guys go. They were all a big part of the organization, and with approx. 30 employees everyone is a big part.

It just seems like we'll have to each take up a little more responsibility and try to ride out this rough patch.

So it is probably gonna be a long, rough few months.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

16 Facts

I haven't posted on here in quite some time and I doubt anyone reads it but I wanted to write a 16 Facts thing and there wasn't much of a better place than this to do it. So here it goes.

1. I want to watch the Daily Show regularly, but I never do.
2. I am very picky about shoes, so much so that it took me nearly 3 months to purchase my current pair.
3. I don't associate myself with either political party.
4. I want to run for some kind of political office, but I have a very strong feeling I wouldn't get elected.
5. I've earned my Triple Crown(Eagle Scout, Vigil and Minisino) in Boy Scouts.
6. Until my senior year of college I didn't know what I wanted to do with my degree.
7. I have a hard time remembering things, so I write notes to myself, a lot.
8. I haven't been clean-shaven since my junior year of college.
9. I'm a beer snob.
10. It bothers me when code isn't properly formatted or commented. Enough to where I usually will fix it.
11. I've always thought about getting a tattoo, but I don't have anything I want to permanently mark myself with.
12. I really regret sleeping through a lot of classes in high school.
13. I hate to eat at most chain restaurants. I prefer to eat at local establishments.
14. I'm not very good about saving money.
15. I think bumper stickers are tacky.
16. After eating Subway every day for two years while at Rose, I can barely stand it today.

Maybe I'll start writing here more often.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh yeah un-huh

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Burning a door in the back of my mind

So I kicked the FE's ass. The best part about it was Dr. Black (Col. Sanders, for those of you who don't go to rose), handing me a $100 bill when I was done. Good feeling.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Watching dawn ignite around me, I’m alive in the gloam

First off I would like to thank the froshies: Greg, JK, Pope and Pete you guys give me hope for the future and make me very happy. Honestly I'm very happy to know all of you. I've tried to express that tonight, but Lord knows I'm intoxicated. All of my drama club friends, I love you all. You are the best friends I have ever known. I'm not sure what I'll do next year without you. It is hard to express what I mean/feel with all of you. This is probably something I will be doing over the next 6 weeks before I'm done here. So expect a heart to heart from me soon if you are in the drama club.

Life has been rough. These next six weeks will be some of the toughest of my life. I've got to knuckle down and make it happen though. Senior design, Scapin and classes will make it rough.

I had a great conversation with some I dearly miss. I feel the need to reconnect with my past. The people who have helped me be who I am make me happy.

I love Blast. Who can't, seriously. The music is so amazing. As much as I hate Appalachian Spring as a song, they preform it so well I can't help but like it.

My thumb really hurts, not sure why/how.

I think I need to focus on me.

Maybe I know what my problem is. Maybe...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jump like a Willy in Four Wheel Drive

End of term. I've got one more left before I'm supposed to move on with my life. No job right now. Not too many companies seem interested, not from lack of effort on my part though. I've been doing everything that I'm supposed to, but not luck yet. Makes me think I'm the only one left without a job. Even if I'm not it sure as hell feels that way. I've been listening to nothing but the Grateful Dead, American Beauty, to be exact. I'm not sure what that says about me. I have a hard time connecting with music that was written in the post 2000 age. Maybe my recent obsession enjoyment of nothing by tv shows and movies has caused me to stop liking music. Oh a package, I wonder what is in it. I know it is from my grandmother without even reading the label. Who else would send me a package on every major holiday? I wonder how long my knife will stay as sharp as it is right now. God, I hope I don't fuck up this presentation tomorrow. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade. Is there such a thing as lack of temporal identity. That would be kind of cool to look into. Maybe I shouldn't have been an engineer. Well it is too late to do much else right now. Lord knows I don't want to go back to college. Why did I decide to write in a sort of stream of consciousness manner. You wouldn't believe what I told you about my music tastes if you look at my itunes. This web 2.0 trend is nice. Everything has the capability to do everything else. Like blogger just spell checked this as I typed it. Why do I always misspell just and the. Why do I identify with Modest Mouse. Whenever I hear their music in a commercial it makes my day. The Dandy Warhols hit a home run with bohemian like you, too bad no one has heard of them/it. New modest mouse album, awesome. The preview on itunes is amazing, you should listen to it right now. I'll wait till you are done. Well that is a lie, I'm typing this without any external input from my audience, you. Why are all of modest mouse's album titles contradictions, or at least opposites, sort of. Another thing on the list of life goals is to see them in concert. At the tourney, when I was drunk why was I obsessively singing cooking wine. Ever felt the need to suppress your use of question marks. Question mark is a lame name for a piece of punctuation. Same goes for exclamation point. There is no mystery as to what it is. No bullshit coming out of those, but those stupid colons, now that is a mystery. The GM commercial that was played during the superbowl was genius. I don't care about hurt feelings and not being sensitive, it was amazing. I laughed out loud, something that doesn't happen very often. Is there a social pressure to laugh when other people do. All of you nerds should look up the band Barcelona on wiki. Amazing nerd rock/pop. Why do I like ska music so much. Why did this post turn into a discussion about my musical tastes. I installed windows vista the other day. It is all right, everything is shiny and happy. I only scored a 4.2, this makes me want to go and buy new computer stuff. Maybe that is why they introduced the score system in the first place. Spam mail pisses me off. I wonder how many people actually use the "stock tips" that I get every day. Next time I have thousands of dollars to invest I sure am going to go buy whatever stock an email told me to. Maybe I should go to sleep, I am getting tired. I think I used way too many periods in this post. Maybe I should have not separated out my thoughts and just used commas to break things up into happy little phrases. I wonder why I can't sleep unless it is quiet, light doesn't bug me much, but sound sure does. Enough for one day.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And in this moment I am happy, happy

One word can sum up the past few monthes: crazy. I've been very busy with school, job hunt, work, michelle, and rdc. I've just been busy, and I haven't have time to slow down and let it all catch up. I really don't have time to keep this up much less post in it with any regularity.

I am very glad though to be the 2006 Fantasy Football Champ.

Don't expect any more posts. If you want to know what is going on in my life just ask. Ask me over aim (adamtherabbi), email(reynolad(at), or phone (not gonna put on the internets).